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Wego Chemical & Mineral Corp. is an international import and distribution company supplying a range of chemicals used across many industries worldwide. Wego is headquartered in New York with sales and distribution locations in Brazil, Europe, Japan, Mexico, Turkey and the USA, with over $290 million per annum in annual sales. Wego maintains worldwide logistics and distribution capabilities with over 30 global warehouses and a staff of traffic professionals in New York, The Netherlands, Mexico and Shanghai moving product wherever our customers require, safely and competitively.

As one of leading chemical distribution companies around the world, organizations from all over the globe count on Wego to deliver the best quality chemical products available today. Learn about our products now.

WEGO has been servicing the chemical industry for 30 years, and is designated as No. 21 in ICIS Top 100 List of Chemical Distributors in North America in 2013. Read more >

WEGO offers an extensive range of chemicals used in a variety of industries. Many products are in stock at locations throughout America, Canada, Mexico, and Europe. Read more >

WEGO remains focused on our original mission - to serve as a supply partner that is recognized for our reliability and our high quality of products and services. Read more >


2013 ICIS Top 100 Chemical Distributors
July 20, 2014
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2012 ICIS Top 100 Chemical Distributors
July 15, 2013
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WEGO is certified with C-TPAT Tier 2 Status by U.S. Customs & Border Protection.


WEGO pre-registered over 100 chemicals for REACH as per the ECHA guidelines.


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